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Our Mission

Make the cloud a safe place to do business and enjoyable for users. 

The evolution of social, mobile, and cloud has created a need for different security requirements and connectivity. Zscaler’s purpose-built security platform puts your defenses and controls where the connections occur— the internet — so that every connection is fast and secure, no matter how or where users connect or where their applications reside.

120 Billion

transactions per day

100 Million

threats detected per day


cloud updates per day


countries with secured users



Faster User Experience



Fewer Infected Machines



Infrastructure Cost Reduction

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Investor Overview

100% cloud-based Security-as-a-Service subscription business

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  • Subscription Model High Revenue Growth
    ~50% (CAGR FY’17-FY’20)
  • Strong Gross Margins 80%(FY20 non-GAAP)
  • Multi-Dimensional Go-to-market Model

  • Proven Land & Expand Moddel with Net Retention of 120%(LTM ending July 31, 2020)
  • Positive Free Cash Flow Margins 6%(FY20)
Intersection of cloud & mobility megashifts

Early innings of network, application and security transformation. Significant $20.3 billion annual total addressable market (TAM) opportunity.

Pioneer & Market Leader

Large security platform with over 3,900 customers. Consistently recognized as a leader by Forrester and Gartner. Historical revenue growth of ~50% per year.

Proven & differentiated cloud architecture

Over 130 issued and pending patents. Over 150 worldwide data centers. Unique multi-tenant architecture, in the data path of our customers.

Powerful Financial Model

High-growth SaaS model. Proven land and expand with higher-value offerings and ZPA. Unique, multi-dimensional channel model.

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Zscaler Built From Scratch

+ Control
+ Enforce
+ Log

A highly scalable and ultra-fast multi-tenant cloud security architecture

  • Over 130 patents issued and pending
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Distributed across 150 edge locations
  • Direct peering with the largest Internet destinations

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Zscaler Enforcement Node

  • One Vendor
  • One UI
  • One action
  • ZERO copies


SSL Inspection at Scale with Proxy Architecture

Zscaler has invested heavily in building a 'Proxy' based architecture which makes it possible to deeply inspect network traffic at an enormous scale, including SSL encrypted traffic. Think about it like a postal service... Zscaler as a proxy, take every box, open it, inspect the contents as we put it in a new box, then send it on to the recipient.

A firewall on the other hand simply looks at the box from the outside; reads the address, the sender, the consignment details sticker, and if it is all in order, just lets it flow past.

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