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What does Zscaler do?

Zscaler operates a massive, global cloud security architecture, delivering the entire gateway security stack as a service. By providing fast, secure connections between users and applications, regardless of device, location, or network, Zscaler is transforming enterprise security for the modern cloud era.

Where is Zscaler headquartered?
Zscaler is headquartered in San Jose, CA.
What is the ticker symbol for Zscaler and where is the company listed?
Zscaler’s stock is quoted on NASDAQ under the symbol “ZS.”
When was Zscaler’s initial public offering (IPO) and what was the price?
Zscaler went public on March 16, 2018, with the IPO price of $16.00 per share.
Who were the underwriters of Zscaler’s IPO?
Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Deutsche Bank Securities
Credit Suisse
UBS Investment Bank
Needham & Company
Stephens Inc.
How do I invest in Zscaler?
Zscaler’s common stock can be purchased on the open market through any registered broker.
Does Zscaler pay a cash dividend?
Zscaler has not declared or paid cash dividends on its common stock and the Company does not anticipate paying any cash dividends for the foreseeable future.
Who should I contact regarding my stock certificate(s)?

Please reach out to the stock transfer agent.

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11219
(718) 921-8124

Who is Zscaler’s independent auditor?
Zscaler’s independent auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
Who is Zscaler’s outside corporate counsel?
Zscaler’s outside corporate counsel is Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C.
When is Zscaler's fiscal year end?
Zscaler’s fiscal year end is July 31.
How can I view documents Zscaler has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including Forms 10-K and 10-Q?
Please see the SEC Filings Section of our website.
Do you have another question that hasn't been answered?
To reach Zscaler’s investor relations, email